Electric Motor in Locomotives

Locomotives are vehicles for drawing trains of rail cars (for passengers) or wagons (for loads). Depending on the primary electric motor, the locomotives can be steam, diesel, electric or diesel-electric locomotives and this combination makes the locomotive a hybrid vehicle. There is a separate motor and a power generator that is called a ‘locomotive power unit’ that can produce more than 560 kW of electrical power. This is an unbelievable display of energy and ingenuity.

Steam locomotives emerged from 1825 onwards. After the development of steam engines was perfected in the 1890s, the diesel engine was also applied to locomotives. Shortly thereafter, in 1895, in the United States, the first electric motor was used in a locomotive.


The electric motor can be much more powerful than the diesel engine in locomotives of the same weight, however, it needs a power grid. To escape this, in the 1910s, locomotive manufacturers began the development of diesel-electric locomotives, which have a diesel engine powering a generator, which in turn supplies power to electric motors that move the wheels.

Electric motor with two capacitors is costly

The electric motor has two capacitors has two advantages which are the starting electric motor starting capacitor and more electric motor operation is done under conditions such as electric motor permanent capacitor.

Despite the advantages, the electric motor also presents disadvantages is the high cost and for this reason, it is manufactured in power exceeding 1 hp.

But the electric motor distorted field has featured among the single-phase induction motors baldor idm2333, as well as its starting process is more reliable, simple and economical. The distorted field engine has three types: the salient poles, skeleton type and distributed windings.

The electric motor distorted field has a pole that is embraced by a copper coil shorted.

The current that is induced in this loop allows the flow through suffer a delay in flow relationship through the receiving party does not embrace.

Electric motor for bicycles

Electric motors for bicycles was a great innovation that the industry brought, it serves to make this means of locomotion less tiring and faster. The idea went on to win many customers and now we have several bike models using this electric motor, among other types and means of locomotion.

There are other end-use applications for the electric motor single phase vl3506, it has grown significantly in recent years and today can be present in very varied applications. Bicycles using this engine can be found easily and the value ends up being a little higher than the traditional model.

For those who want a means of economic mobility and at the same fastest time, may be opting for bicycle with electric motor. There are several physical and virtual stores that work with the resale of this product and will not be difficult to find, so be sure to check all this information.

Electric motor is present in all the country’s sectors of activity

The electric motor is a device widely used in all sectors of activity, because the electric motor has several practical uses. Within the different types, three-phase electric motor has a form of versatile connection, as this can cause your activity is initiated by means of matches that can be direct or indirect.


To have your activity started, the electric motor should have indirect starting as a preferred method.

The indirect starting the three-phase motor is nothing more than the way it is done by means of which the electric motor starting collects the current match and this interferes indirectly in the design of electrical devices that are responsible for making the electric motor take the game.

Soft Starter, the rotor acceleration triangle Star and rewarding game decrease the level of electric current in the three-phase electric motor.

Speed Electric Motor

The speed of the electric motor is always based on the type and intensity of the motor. As we know there are various types of motors and each is designed for a type of final application. It would be interesting that you analyze this information to be knowledgeable about the engine speed you are using.

In own electric motor instruction manual you can get knowledge about the speed of it, they always vary according to the type of engine being used. This information is varied and who will use the engine needs to know in order to make the right choice of machine that will deploy.


The electric motor is a very important product and that is present in key industry segments and also of Commerce. It has the function to make the conversion of electrical energy into mechanical energy, all more cost-effectively and also more effective.